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Why I don't want to be a lawyer anymore

Nifong's trial started today and I've been watching it live ever since around 11 this morning. WRAL, a local station there is live-streaming the entire thing and to the last report, around 13,000 of us are following along. It's been alternatingly boring and sort of enlightening. What is beyond clear though is that it's no Law and Order.

When I was still in college and about to finish up my degrees, I thought for a bit about going to law school. I had been watching a lot of L&O episodes on tv and it seemed like a job that would be both exciting and interesting. It was then that I saw an actual trial on Court TV and my interest shriveled up and died. It's beyond tedious and it never seems worth going through all those hours for those rare 'matlock moments'.

Anyway, it looks like Nifong is going to get hung up and beaten to within an inch of his life. It's clear he's guilty as sin and all that's left is trying to figure out how much punishment he will receive. Personally, I'm hoping that he get disbarred but professional organizations are notoriously conservative in punishing their own members. You can only hope that the outrageous actions he took will drive the committee to make an example of him.
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