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The slow slide downhill

It looks like the boon of the steroids is starting to wear off. The backslide becomes more obvious day to day, though I have to admit it's still better than before I started them. I'm just not sure how far the decline will continue. It's fallen enough that I've had to start poping codeine again at times and the ibuprofen alone isn't always doing it. Symptomology is also up across the board with predictably messy results.

On another note, my doctor put me in touch with the company that makes Enbrel and after giving some info on the phone they're sending me an application. From what I'm told, I'll actually have to go find a notary for part of it but once it's done the application usually clears in 10 buisness days. At that point, they should start sending the drugs and we'll see how it works out.

BTW, the costume I ordered arrived today and it looks pretty spiffy. I didn't actually try to robe on, but I held it up against me and it looks like it'll fit just fine for both length and girth. The props are also pretty cool and it seems like I'm all set on that score. I just have to decide when/if I'm going to order those voice recorders from abroad since I still can't find them in any US-based store online. After that, the only thing is hoping that Sew will come through in making the doll.
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