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Well, it looks like Nifong's trial just wrapped up and he's been disbarred. I'm really sorta pissed about the whole situation. I've spent at least 30-40 hours listening to this freaking trial from the beginning on live video feed. During a break in the feed that seemed to be running long, I went downstairs for like 5-minutes and ended up missing the climax. Just as I reached commercial, the god damn thing faded to black again and I can only assume it's all fucking over.

From what I've been able to determine from summaries online, Nifong decided to surrender his license and accept disbarrment, waiving all rights to an appeal. I have no freaking clue what the committee decided as a punishment and have no clue if it'll ever be revealed. I just feel incredibly cheated by the fact that I missed the most important part of this.

Wait! Someone online is saying that the panel will come back and make their ruling too! It sorta steals the thunder though. The worst thing they can do to the man is disbar him and the narcisstic SOB already disbarred himself. It's like a death row inmate committing suicide on the day of his execution just to flip everyone the bird. Still, it'll be nice to see them pronounce sentence even if it's just a formality.

I actually felt sorry for the guy yesterday. It sort of shames me to admit it now but I couldn't help but feel quite a bit of sympathy when he was on the stand crying about how he was sorry. Compassion. Yeck. Who knew I still had any of that floating around. I'll have to redouble my efforts to erradicate it. In the end, I was Nifong'ed. I missed the part of the cross-examination yesterday where he apparently STILL refuses to believe that the players are completely innocent and nothing happened. He STILL claims that 'something happened in that bathroom' and referred to the lying whore as the 'victim' over half a dozen times in his testimony. This just goes to show you what good compassion is. It makes you weak and stupid. It reminds me of another memorable clusterfuck on my part when I actually believed Clinton's fingerwagging 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski.' I guess I'm just a sucker.

Woot! They disbarred his ass. The judge in the case is ripping him a new one. "It seems that, at the root of it, was self-deception arising out of self-interest."

Now the judge is slamming those who believed Nifong in the 'tragic rush to judgement'. "Those who made a rush to judgment based upon an unquestioning faith upon what a prosecutor told them were made to look foolish. And many still do look foolish."

It looks like it's a complete sweep. No punches held back.
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