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I can't believe I payed for this crap

I've been watching Earl (wanderingasian) prattle on for a couple days now that he wants a permanant LJ account. I didn't think much of it figuring it was much like when I stop in the middle of the day and say how much I want the power over life and death or the ability to shoot death beams from my eyes. Basically, I figured it was a wistful pie in the sky sort of thing. So it wasn't until around 10 minutes ago upon reading his recently entry that he now had a permanant account that I went to look at the LJ front page.

Surprisingly enough, he wasn't hallucinating and it seems that LJ was indeed having a sale on permanant accounts again. I had thought to myself in ages past it might not be a bad idea to snag one, but the oppertunity had never cropped up. I had never had any inclination to pay for this piece of crap before and indeed had occassionally mocked those who did. Imagine my chagrin now when what I can only assume was a bout of insanity seized me and left me $150 poorer.

There are many reasons why this decision of mine is idiocy. Since I love, as some of you know, to wallow in buyer's remorse, I will now ennumerate them for you.

1) Since the invention of 'plus accounts', most of the functionality I wanted was already avaliable. Add to that a few pieces of adblocking software and I didn't even have to see the ads.

2) LJ normally costs $25 a year and the perm accounts were $150. This means that it would take 6 freaking years to break even on this thing. True, true, I have been on here now for almost that period of time (Still short a year or two), but who can say about another 6 on top of that? To add to it, this is $150 up front while the alterative would be $25 on a yearly basis. As any economist will tell you, up front always sucks.

3) 138 user pics? WTF! Why in the world would I ever need 138 userpics unless I was some sort of emo fanboy with a custom-made icon filled with pop culture crap.

Bleh. To make a long story short.....I blame Earl.
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