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Frustration and rage

My God. LJ's scrapbook sucks ass. After wanderingasian waxed poetic about the benefits of having all that space for photo storage, I thought it might not be a bad idea to move things over from photobucket in the future. I figured that first I might as well take advantage of some of the new features that I have with a paid account. I decided that I would go and snap myself a custom mood set and searched around on various communities until I found one I liked. That's when my nightmare began.

I have no clue who designed the LJ scrapbook syste, but it stinks on ice. What freaking system sets it so that there's no set location per file? Not to mention the fact that despite whatever the file name is, when you upload it everything goes back to 'untitled'. The custom mood set I picked had over a hundred freaking images. First I had to copy and save each picture down to my desktop. Then I had to upload it back up to the scrapbook. Then I had to go through each individual file and give it a title. Then I had to go and link each and every damn file to the right entry. It was only after all this was over that I realized that no picture has a set and locked in address! That meant that all the effort had been for nothing. Why the fuck would LJ let you have your own moodsets and the like but NOT allow you to host them from your own LJ account? I ended up having to upload all the damn files up to photobucket and go through the incredibly tedious linking. Oh, and halfway through I found out that unless I specificed that the files were 100 pixels x 40 pixels the damn thing wouldn't recognize the information and returned blanks after I saved. That caused me to have to restart the whole thing yet again. No need to mention that by the end, a process that altogether must've taken me hours, I was severely pissed off.

My experiences with the scrapbook have NOT made me a happy camper. I thought it would make things easier to have it since 99% of the pictures I upload go on the LJ at some point anyway. What I wasn't expecting was the extra work and tedious crap that will be involved. At the very minimum, I'll have to enter file info for each picture and it won't work if I try to link to it on any other site or forum. Feh. If it weren't for the fact that it would feel like such a waste to in effect pay for storage space I'll never use, I'd just stick completely with photobucket which has never let me down. I am not a happy camper.
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