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It feels like christmas! That sort of christmas where you have to buy your own presents but they're around 25% off after tax and shipping. Ummm...okay, so it might not be all that much like christmas after all. Regardless, I'm a happy camper right now, which as I'm sure you've all had occassion to remark at some point, is a pretty rare thing. Toys R Us is having a sale on Nintendo DS games and I just scored a half dozen of them. I first saw the deal a couple days ago on various forums as a Buy 2, Get 1 Free but it hadn't been working at the time. I kept doing searches on various deal forums and sites but coudln't figure out what was the matter until just earlier tonight. Turns out the site that had listed it had jumped the gun a bit. It wouldn't begin until the week of the 24th and when I checked the online site at 12:04 tonight, everything went through just fine.

I ended picking up:

Etrian Oddessey
Pokemon: Diamond
Pokemon: Pearl (Thinking about giving one of these to Matt as a birthday present. It's actually Joyce's birthday, but when it was his the present I gave him ended up being more for her. I figure that a switcharoo would only be fair.)
Lunar Knights
Trauma Center: Under the Knife
Animal Crossing: Wild World

After tax and shipping it cost me $145.15 or $24.20 per game. That's about as low as prices get for DS games, which don't seem to go on sale as often as their playstation, xbox, or wii counterparts. If I decide to head to a brick and mortar store tommorrow, I can always cancel the online order and save myself the cost of shipping to boot.
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