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Curse you, free will! Curse you!!!!

The only plans I had for today was to get up and scamper over to a couple of TRU stores so I could continue to pick up DS games on the cheap. I had been planning to be there in front of the first store before they even opened so I could be sure to get first pick. After venturing to the second store right after, I figured I could go and grab some breakfast/brunch and head on home to bask in the post-consumer afterglow.

That was how it was SUPPOSED to go.

How it in fact ended up working out is that my 'alarm clock' chose not to wake me, thinking that I could use the sleep. While this is in fact, true enough, it also screwed my plans. It's a terrible thing when your 'alarm clock' fails to follow orders. I've been having sleep issues again and I tend to stagger through life always a bit tired/exhausted. It's just a replay of the old situation where I can't sleep for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Pain wakes me and then sleep is pretty shot for a while as I stagger about to pop pills and try to take care of things. This pretty much means that instead of actually sleeping like a normal person through the night, I end up taking 2-3 extended naps throughout the day/night. Being woken by pain is no picnic either. Imagine you're resting peacefully in the middle of the night when all of a sudden someone pops up and jabs a cattleprod into you and then repeatedly does it until you crawl out of bed and for the next half hour or so.

Anyway, by the time agony awoke me in a more 'natural' fashion for the second time that day, it was already past noon. I scoured the two TRU's but it loooked like a feeding swarm of locusts had already descended. I ended up finding only 1 of the games I really wanted (Pokemon Ranger) and picked up a borderline choice (Kirby Squeak Squad) and something for Matt (Planet Puzzle League). The second TRU was even worse than the first. The entire place just looked a bit seedy, giving you the impression that being shiv'ed by someone popping out of the asiles might not be a completely ludicious possibility. Might have been something to do with the dim lighting.
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