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In what may have been a bout of insanity, I decided to get a permanant LJ account a few days ago. To commemorate that FUBAR, I thought that I should try to see if I could find some some new victims fodder additions for the old Friend's List. I've been on LJ now for quite a few years and in general, I've tended to keep the same group of friends that I first made on here and other sites. Time has started to wither a lot of them away and it might be time for some new blood. I've never actually done this before so I'm not sure exactly what information is useful to include so I figure I'll just scattershot some details:

My entries tend to be on the causticly sarcastic/snarky side. Since the journal is not Friends Only, feel free to browse about until you find something that offends you. The person who acquires the greatest degree of outrage in the fewest number of entries, wins!

As an addendum to above, please try to have a sense of humor. If you happen to have a congenital defect and were born without one or are one of the perpetually outraged, try to fake it.

Interests: Fantasy as a genre (swords and sorcery, epics, etc) [Favorite authors include: Salvatore, Goodkind, Martin, Lackey, Donaldson, Weis, Hickman, etc), musicals, the nightmare before christmas, RPGs and board/card games, I'm quite enamored with my Nintendo DS at the moment, psychology (majored in it and got a masters), drug abuse (did research on it for years), gaming conventions, audiobooks, stargate sg1/atlantis, politics, etc.

Drop me a line if any of this sounds even slightly interesting.

Since, from what I've seen, the tradition for these sort of entries is to include a cam-whoring sort of picture in it, here's a halloween costume from a few years back. Bonus points if you can recognize what I'm supposed to be. No, the answer is not a Vampire Mr. Hanky.

So, the above is what I posted around to various communities on LJ which apparently specialize in that sort of thing. I figured it might not be a bad idea to get some new blood. LJ has been starting to seem sorta boring and desolate lately and I've got to somehow justify that expenditure of $150.
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