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I've been on quite an audiobook kick over the past few of months. First I downloaded every single book in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and went through them one by one with only a few skips. That added up to around 30 books and God only knows how many countless hours. It's a completely difference experience hearing a book read to you and reading it yourself. Everything seems to slow down and the pacing is completely different.

After finishing Discworld I went on to Goodkind's Sword of Truth and just finished the last book avaliable, Phantom, yesterday. It was even more apparent with these how different an experience it is to listen than to read. Goodkind has this tendancy to have his characters delivery long, extended speeches on things. VERY LONG speeches. Since this had never really occurred to me before, I assume it's because whenever I got bogged down in one while reading I would speed up a little or maybe just pay less attention. Hearing it on the audiobooks was almost a surreal experience. There would be a scene in the middle of combat and then poof, take out around 60 minutes worth of real time so that a character can expound upon the meaning and philosophy of life. It got to be moderately infuriating after a while. More than a few times I wanted to shriek at the character to stop yakking and start hacking.

Currently, I'm working on downloading all of Jordan's Wheel of Time. I used to absolutely love that series. I followed it religiously and was even on a MUD (Multi-user dungeon for you kids out there) based on it. I swam in the minutae of the series and was practically a walking encyclopedia. I abandoned it after the downturn in the series during book 7-8. I figured I would get back to it one day when he finally finished it. Since then, it's grown to 11 books, with two more to follow, and I've found that Jordan's got a (most likely) terminal illness. Since he might never get the chance to wrap things up, I figured I might as well find out what I've missed in those intervening three books. In order to do that, I'll have to start from the beginning as a refresher and audiobooks seem to be the way to go.

In summary, I <3 audiobooks.
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