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I have a dream....

Well, I had a dream. I should have jotted it down when I woke up but I was in a hurry at the time and I don't remember most of it now. There was something about playing this weird video game but it was like VR where I had to race around in this little buggy of some sort with lotsa other obstacles and other cars and make it up some super high and slippery hill. I remember racing full steam for the hill on the final run and slowly losing traction, slipping down the side but then when my buggy hit a trailer home, all of these gold colored dollarsigns popped out. I had just won points that could be redeemed for an all expense payed trip to disneyworld or something. I was all excited since I never win crap. I just know there was much more to this dream but I can't remember a damn thing about it now.

I haven't been sleeping well the past few nights and that's probaly what's sparking the dreaming. I don't usually dream unless I'm exhausted. I get to bed at a normal hour but I'm up and awake again after a few hours and it takes me time to get back to sleep and it's a fitful one. Just can't seem to find a position that's comfortable.

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