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The sun beat down like a hammer

It's been a hot and obnoxious day so far, though hopefully the rest of it will be pretty sedate. I'm planning to spend the rest of it loafing about in air-conditioned comfort while playing my DS and listening the Robert Jordan's Eye of the World.

After reading online that certain people had luck gettin Circuit City to pricematch the deal at Toys R Us, I went out and figured I'd give it another shot. If nothing else, there were still a few games that friends had me on the lookout for and I knew that at the very least the new Transformers game would be out today. There was absolutely nothing worth getting at the first store I checked and by that time it was scorching out and I decided to check the other one later in the evening when it had cooled down a bit. Soon after getting back my sister called me. It turns out that she had been in an accident on a highway nearby and couldn't find her insurance or registration. I ended up having to go and turn the house upside down looking for the damn things while juggling 2-3 phone conversations. I ended up finding the insurance info, but just too late as it turned out. The cop on the scene had her car impounded and despite the fact that I was only 5-10 minutes or so away, once it was on the flatbed we were SOL. I ended up having to go pick her up and she was not a happy campter either.

Since I was already out, I decided to drop her off and head to the second Circuit City. After getting lost and going around 10 miles out of my way, I found it, limped my way in and after much searching discovered games I actually wanted. Yay! I then went to the customer service desk upon which I was told they didn't price match B2G1 deals. Feh. What's galling is that I know other people have had success trying it elsewhere but there was nothing I could do but trek home, hot, sweaty and generally pissed off.

Tommorrow I have my appointment with the social security office, and I'm hoping that dosen't turn out to be a complete fubar. I've heard everything from the process being quick and easy to it being a multi-year nightmare with far more of the latter than the former. I just don't want to deal with any of it....but if it works out, it's like free money. If nothing else, it'll offset some of the financial burdens and that would be nice.
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