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Just got back from running errands and the trip to the social security office. All in all, the entire process took around a hour and change. Most of it was spent watching the woman taking the info typing at her computer through what seemed to be a truly prodigous number of charts and forms and then getting up to retrieve printouts. My part in the whole situation is pretty much done at this point, though they'll give me a ring and let me know if I'll need to set up an appointment to see one of their doctors. I should know what the decision is within 130 days. I've pretty much acknowledged to myself it's almost certainly going to be a rejection. That seems to be the general motis operandi from what I've read online. About the only way the process is really streamlined is if you happen to be blind or missing limbs. Just about everything else is stamped rejected as matter of course. It's then on to the endless appeals and followup rejections and followup appeals until a court date is spawned where things usually go through. It reminds me of those lawsuits against insurance companies where they would simply delay in providing coverage, making people jump through hoops of meaningless, yet aggravating paperwork. The idea being that unless you really needed the coverage, you wouldn't bother with the thankless task of trying to acquire it after a while.

While I was at the office, I also managed to finish filling out the form so I can get Enbrel gratis. I ended up having to swing by a notary to get the documents stamped but it's all done and I should hear back in only a couple weeks. No surprise, a private company is more streamlined than the government. I'm still not feeling all that great about the Enbrel. I'm almost certain it'll do some good based on the studies I've seen, but I absolutely loathe needles. Having to inject myself a couple times a week does not sound pleasant. It hasn't been all that long since I would threaten the health and lives of doctors who approached me with anything sharp and pointy.

On a sidenote, I failed to get a pricematch at Walmart today too. I should just stop already, but I keep reading about other people having no problems and it gives me the hope to try again. Instead, I end up hot, pissed, and worked into a lather over the whole thing. I really pushed at the Walmart, asking not only to see the manager, but asking for a copy of the store's official policy and when denied that, asked that the manager handwrite his ruling out on paper and sign it so I had proof. At some point, I was just pushing buttons to be a dick. The end result is the same though. No pricematch. Feh.
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