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We win, you lose.

It's almost always a happy day whenever I see new supreme court decisions released. Everytime I see the headline with '5-4' I smirk a little to myself. Just knowing that there are hippies across the country howling in anguish is the ultimate pick-me-up.

Today's case isa pivotal one and long overdue IMO. The supreme court finally struck down the use of race in deciding where children go to school as far as K-12. A-fucking-men. It's about time. The entire idea of racial jury-rigging makes me want to puke. All it does is foster the highly offensive idea that an individual can be boiled down to nothing more than the color of their skin. I've got too many white chits over here and I'll trade you 5 for a few black chits from over there. Deal? It's fucking insane but this is the kind of stupidity that you see from people who claim they're battling racism all the while doing nothing but enforcing the idea that the races are fundamentally different.

One arguement I've run into quite a few places today is that shuffling people about for no other cause than their race is necessary to prevent segregation. Fuck that. As long as no one is forcing people to segregate themselves from one another, it should wholey be a factor of personal choice. To create artificial mixes at some level is every bit as egregious as the jim crow laws which promoted artificial seperation. It reduces people to nothing more than their race and shuffles them into bins accordingly.

Here's a snippet from Slate of a couple of hippies arguing why the decision was a poor one:

These plans at issue use race to mitigate the effects of racial separation in residential housing. They thus ultimately reduce the role of race in pupil assignments. For the justices to assume that race comes into play for the first time when these school boards attempt to lessen racial separation is to make an assumption tragically blind to the role of race in America.


The simple, indisputable fact that should be placed on a billboard across from the Supreme Court is this: Jefferson County housing is substantially segregated along racial lines. The assignment of all Jefferson County public-school students to "neighborhood schools" would result in a substantial number of racially segregated schools.

Unless school officials mitigate the absolutely certain segregative effects of a residential assignment system by some form of amelioration, they will be knowingly reproducing that racial separation in the schools.

If segregation in residential housing is the problem, then why the fuck don't you address that directly. Hey, I've got a perfect about passing a law that only lets people of a certain race buy a house in a neighborhood or move in. Sorry, we've reached our black quota in this neighborhood of 50%, no more blacks allowed. Please try a white neighborhood which hasn't reached its quota yet. After all, if this is the asinine system you're advocating for the school system and the school system is just a proxy for residential segregation, why not go to the source with your 'cure'? Sorry, no more chinks in 'chinatown'. We've got too many as it is. There's also too many in the surrounding neighborhoods. I'm afraid that you'll have to buy a house or rent in little Italy. You're not part Italian, right? Good.

Fucking assholes.

If John Paul Stevens drops dead within the next year or so, I'm throwing a party.
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