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T minus 12 hours

In just about half a day's time, I should be on the road to Origins. It's funny really. I've been meaning to write a bunch of entries at some point on all sorts of subjects including the trip, but I just never seem to get around to it. It's always something that I end up putting off and putting off, most likely because it's usually not even pleasant subjects to think about much less put down in words.

I'm more than a bit antsy about how the trip will go in general because of medical issues. The fact is clear beyond doubt that the steroids no longer have the kick they used to and there are stretches now where the pain is incapacitating just as it was in the months before. Also, I'm certain that my view of how things really are is skewed positive because when I'm home, I'm able to adjust my environment to minimize problems. I'm reminded of that every time I have to trek out that everything is just exacerbated by repeated movement and contact. At least when I can make my own schedule, I can always call a time out whenever I need to and give the inflammation a chance to die down with the meds. What always worries me about trips and cons is lacking that oppertunity and having to go through an escalatating pile of shit.

I guess it's good to have origins as a run through for gencon if nothing else. My schedule for origins is practically an open cakewalk compared to what I'll have to deal with in a little over a month and maybe I can get a gauge on just how bad it will be. I'm already thinking about doubling or tripling the steroid dose just for the trip, wondering if that will work. It shouldn't be a problem since from what I've read, some people are on higher doses of it. Hell, my doctor meant for me to take the things for only a couple weeks and I should have stopped almost 2 weeks ago. That'll teach her to want me to take 14 of something and then write a prescription for 120. The only thing that's odd is my sister, the pharmacist, claims that it shouldn't be any less effective now than it was in the beginning. Her take on it is the only thing that might do as a compensatory mechanism is reduce the body's own production of steroids and so, I should be getting as much bang for my buck as I did in the beginning. Obviously I'm not and I seriously doubt I was gulled by a placebo effect. It's usually pretty easy to gauge how problematic things are. Everything I find online seems to bear that out with the additional tidbit that:

If you have been taking prednisone for a period of time, you will probably need an increased dosage of the medication before, during, and after any stressful situation. Always consult your doctor if you are anticipating stress and think you may need a temporary dosage increase.

As for the trip itself, everything is set. The minivan has been acquired, I'm already packed (a miracle since usually I end up packing less than a hour before I have to leave and it mostly entails tossing things into a suitcase haphazardly), and everyone should meet here at 8am in the morning to start the trip. The only thing I have left to do is print out all the maps and confirmations and other gobbilygook we're going to need. I'm also going to make a supreme effort and keep a voice blog for the trip and take pictures. It just seems like everything extra always has a cost in added pain or problems and there are just times it's hard to convince yourself it's a price you want to pay.
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