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“Well, the trip back is taking longer than expected. Apparently there are a lot of people on the Rd. Thanks ta 4th of Jul weekend no doubt. The last rest stop we ended up stopping at, looked like a freaking refugee train that just pulled up. I'm also happy to report at the abrupt ending that choice did not kill us. It would not have been a pleasant thing to have my last words recorded on LiveJournal. I'm sure if that, we ever get that automated transcriber to work, the whole screams of agony thing would probably wouldn't of come across very well. Yeah, we're still trucking along. We're thinking about stopping at Cracker Barrel. But, yes for many reasons. Not the least of which 1 can't stand a Cracker Barrel sponsored romance novel. About their founding. We're gonna call it Crack Her Barrel. More to come later. Part of the ___ is, Matt didn't feel like the service supplies said before this, was grand enough to receive his X permit. So we have to find him more spitting location to deposit his, so hopefully he'll hatch & grow up 1. So just trekking along somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania. Maybe more later.”

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