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Home again

Well, I'm back. We finally rolled in sometime after 1am last night and everyone scattered like bats out of hell. It was late and the exhaustion level was high. I dragged all of my crap into the house and went upstairs to check email and fiddle around with things that I had left untended. I was just nekkid and about to step into the shower when I got a call from Joyce and Matt, asking if I had seen his laptop case. After dressing again and stumbling outside, I found it in the street where it had been overlooked in the hasty exodus. It was just a lucky thing that no one had run over it. In the end, I got to bed somewhere around 4am I think and managed to sleep a bit longer than usual, no doubt due to excessive sleep deprivation.

I was forced to get up early in the afternoon and fill out some forms for the social security office. They mailed a 10 pg questionaire to the house during my absence and the thing had to be post-marked by today or there would be dire consequences. It was basically a medical evaluation sheet which asked about the extent of my problems and how it affected every aspect of daily life. It was tedious as all fuck and frankly, has left me a bit depressed in general. It's never much fun to wallow in that sort of thing much less have to put it down on paper. Add it to the fact that handwriting anything is tedious for me and that there was never enough space on the pages to answer and it was a generally unpleasant task. Still, it's been sent off and it's one less thing I have to worry about. I should get their ruling within the next 3-4 months and once that comes in I'll have a better idea of how shitty the rest of the process will be.

Looking over the voice posts that I sent from origins, I'm sort of confused why only some of them were auto-transcribed. You'd think that it'd be all or nothing, but I can't figure out what the malfunction might be. The transcriber clearly isn't perfect, but it seems better than I would have given it credit for. The accuracy seems to be up around 90% or so, though there are still a few glaring errors. I'll try to get around to uploading the pictures I took and recapping the trip in the next few days.
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