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Origins 2007: Day 1

Well, I finally convinced myself that it was time to download all the pictures from the camera, edit and resize them, and then upload it all back up to the LJ scrapbook. I still think the scrapbook is a piece of shit, but since I'm paying for it, I might as well use it, right? Anyway, the pictures are all set to go and all that's left is to tap tap tap out the recap posts. Some of what happened was covered in the various voice posts I made and I'll try to be brief. Well, more brief than normal anyway.

Let me see. The trip didn't exactly begin with an auspicious start. I had been up late the night before and had finally dozed off somewhere around 4am. What woke me in the morning was Bill M's phone call that he and Bill S had just arrived at the house. It took me a bit to start the frantic scramble to get out there and ready to leave. Luckily, I had packed all my bags the day before and all that was left was to make sure that I had popped all my pills and done other personal whozits along those lines. In the end, I needn't have rushed since Joyce and Matt were running late. We loaded up the minivan and then sat around twiddling our thumbs until the stragglers finally showed up. When berated for their tardiness, they fell back upon the defense that it had been agreed we would meet at '8ish' and not 8:00. IMO, the suffix 'ish' does not automaticly add 45 minutes plus to the time. Maybe it's a southern thing.

We set off in pretty high spirits and the trip down was really quite pleasant. I had always gone to origins on my own before and it makes a huge difference to have other people around and not have to drive it alone. We alternatively played multiplayer DS games, read, listened to the radio or just bullshitted in general about various things. We made a couple pitstops along the way, by coincidence both at Arby's, and all instigated by Joyce and immediately seconded by Bill M. They both apparently have little girl bladders. After a while, we started harassing Joyce claiming that she was pooping in the Arby's sinks. I IZ IN UR RB'S! POOPIN' IN UR SINKS! This became a running gag the entire trip, culminating in seeing some guy in an origins line with an Arby's shirt at which point I pointed him out to Joyce and made squat n' poop motions. I still regret the fact I didn't drag the guy over to get a picture of her with the shirt.

The trip could also be viewed as a tour of Cracker Barrels across the states. Joyce actually went and looked up all the various locations we would pass on the trip and the plan was always that we would stop at one eventually. Frankly, I'm not sure what the whole obsession with Cracker Barrel is about. I went to my first one less than a year ago with chelledg in Ohio and while it was okay, I'm not sure I'd start an obsession over it. It is probably the only resturant I've seen that lists macaroni and cheese as a vegetable though.

We ended up rolling into town a little after 5pm and checkin was nice and painless. It took a bit more effort and unpleasantness to get all of our badges however. After a short time to rest and freshen up, we treked over to the convention center only to end up standing in line at will-call. The most galling part about it is that despite the fact the GM line was probably only a tenth of the length, I was the last to get my badge and other things. There was some guy throwing a hissyfit up front that must've lasted a good 20 minutes at least. I never did figure out what the malfunction was, but it meant that I got to twiddle my thumbs and stand in place.

  1. Plus side: I was able to get a badge refund once I picked up my GM badge from playroom.

  2. Downside: I wasn't able to get a second 'goody bag' from the wanker behind the booth when picking up both badges. Pity really since this time around each bag came with a pack of Tokkens and one of the Wizkids Pirate CCGs.

By the time I was finished with all the gobbilygook, everyone was ready to pick up some dinner. After wandering around and discovering that there was almost no food to be had in Columbus on a 4th of July evening, we ended up settling for the food court in the convention center. That's when I ran across my first photo regret. I didn't manage to snap a shot of the guy standing in line in front of me at the burger place. I have no idea what in the world I was looking at but I dubbed them 'leg testicles'. It looked like his scrotum was hanging down the back of his legs past his knees with two gargantuan testicles in it. No matter how derranged the picture in your head is at that description, it in no way manages to convey the reality of what I was viewing. I have no clue what in the world it was, and I'm sad to say that at the time I thought that running over to get my camera to take a picture might have been a bit uncouth. We came up with a variety of theories of what it might have actually been, but no clearcut conclusions.

After a definitely substandard meal, it was back to the convention center to register for some more events. I basically sprawled out near the line and pulled out my nintendo DS to pass the time and ended up almost babysitting. This little korean kid wandered up to me and I spent the next 15 minutes or so showing him how to play chocobo tales while his dad waited in line for tickets. He also proceeded to tell me how he was going to play in the pokemon nationals tournament and that pokemon was that game with the yellow electric rat named pikachu.

As we were getting ready to leave, I found a buncha things that looked like fence stakes all stacked up in a row. I had no clue what they were for at the time, but over the course of the next day they started showing up as signposts with various events and locations written on them and nailed to posts around the convention center.

I'm sorry to report it didn't work. Maybe I should have stuffed her mouth full of garlic first before the stabby bit, but Kath continued to keep on ticking.

At ticket buying we wandered over to the boardgame room where I was going to meet up with chelledg and Todd. The idea had been to play a few games but it had been getting pretty late by that point and we only got in a single game of citadels/guillotine. That's one thing I really noticed on this trip....I just don't seem to have the stamina to do the up all hours sort of thing anymore. By 10-11, I'm pooped and more than ready to go back to the room to loaf around even if I don't actually get to sleep for another 3-4 hours yet.

Here's a picture of the guilotine game with Chelle, Bill, and Kath. I think more people joined in later on.

At some point during this time, those wankers must've gotten hold of my camera and proceeded to take some cameo shots of themselves. It's always nice to be downloading pictures off of the digital and find things that you don't recognize having taken.

While in the room we also bumped into sherilyn70 and Rogue Lady among others. I'm sorry to say that I was also within 30' or so of that moocow Marimac though there was no confrontation. Everyone in our group more or less decided to just turn in early after the game was over since it would be an early start the next day with the Amorphous Blob RPG at 9am.
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