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I choose you, Batfuck!

Well, I finally know what that blue bird of happiness pokemon is, though the knowledge came in a roundabout sort of way. I even found someone who had cropped a little LJ icon of the guy. Piplup or Pochama in the original japanese, is one of the three starter pokemon avaliable in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. The only reason I know this is I got an IM from Matt yesterday telling me that he had started on Pearl and wanted to swap pokemon. I had been working on Lunar Knights, but decided to put it on hold so I could find enough pokemon by this saturday when we'll get a chance to trade them. Normally, I would have gone for the monkey with his ass on fire, Chimchar, but I got sorta attached to the penguin after having had my picture taken with it. I'm still sorta curious if there will be a throw flaming poop attack somewhere along Chimchar's evolution.

This detour into obsessive pokemon collecting is what delayed my origins recap. I've spent hours running around trying to catch enough to swap tommorrow and Joyce just sent me an IM asking where the next episode of the con recap was. I, of course, blamed the whole thing on her husband. I also found out, somewhat to my distress, that he apparently names all of his characters/pokemon/whatever 'batfuck'. That would be all fine and dandy normally, but after I trade pokemon with him it means that I'll have an inventory full of batfucks looking at me. It almost makes me wish that I could go back and rename all of the pokemon I've captured in preparation for the swap. I'm almost always just keep the default name in video games. It always seemed sorta egotistic to start relabeling everything.

Anyway, I hope this explains why the origins update has been delayed as well as providing interesting information on pokemon you might not otherwise have known. I promised Joyce I would get to work on the recap and I'll hopefully have another one up in a hour or so.

On a sidenote, did you know that pokemon can get 'teh AIDS'? In order to push the boundaries of weird, the people at nintendo have come up with Pokerus, a highly infectious disease that your pokemon get from unprotected contact with wild pokemon. Instead of death, however, pokerus actually gives your pokemon enhanced abilities and xp gain. I think Nintendo is trying to tell us something. How do we really know that AIDS or Herpes or Syphilis is bad for us and dosen't really provide super powers? It might just be some sort of government plot. The only way to really find out for sure is for all pokemon players out here to find a diseased ho and give him/her a poke and see if any special abilities develop.
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