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Well, to no surprise, I'm woefully behind on the origins recap. I didn't get a chance to update over the weekend, spending my time first at the Panera gameday and then at the Bills for an aborted D&D session. The damn recaps take forever and it's hard to convince myself to spent the hours needed to churn one out. I will admit that there is a strong sense of satisfaction after finishing though and I'm usually proud of the outcome. The idea that I've set it down for posterity brings a nice feeling. It also reminds me that I never got around to posting either the pictures or recap for Gencon socal last year, over 7 months ago.

So on saturday I went to the gameday at the Panera, mostly with the intent of trading pokemon with Matt. I had spent the previous evening in bed, trying to level up a freaking Machop while dozing in and out of consciousness. It turned out to be unnecessary effort since Matt didn't bring his DS along with him. We finally did get to swap the next day, though that ended up being a complete clusterfuck in the end.

I didn't play much at the gameday, though we did try something new that I think Matt had picked up at Origins. It was a Mayfair game based on some sort of historical novel and I think it was called Pillars of the Earth or something of the Earth anyway. I liked it overall. The game reminded me of a mixture between Caylus and Powergrid. To no one's surprise, Bill S poo-poo'ed the whole thing. I don't think we've ever played a new game that he's liked off the bat without at least a truckfull of qualifications to it. At least in this one sphere, he's far more ornery than I am. There are plenty of games I don't like and actively avoid for one reason or another, but I usually only lambaste the truly horrible ones.

The 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month is usually the day we all get together for D&D. Things have been a bit screwy lately since we swapped campaigns and we've called off a lot of sessions for one reason or another. I didn't think there was really a good chance we would play given how long it had been since the last session and that we had just gotten back from Origins. We spent a good chunk of the time showing Randy the pictures we had taken of the event and he took a look at my recaps on LJ, what amount there is anyway. Which reminds me, Joyce sent over a cd with the photos she took and I went throug them and pulled a few. I've incorporated them into the previous entries and will add the others for the ones to come. It's not a lotta pictures since a lot of them are blurry and unfocused. Some of them are quite spiffy though and fill in some of the gaps.

On a sidenote, I didn't get a shot of this but Matt and Joyce picked up two sets of custom dice at the con as a souvineer for Randy. One had the '6' replaced with 'Asian' and the other had it replaced with 'Hotness'. I think it ended up only being around a dollar a die, though you had to order a minimum of 10 of each time. I had thought about getting obsenity dice with the 1's replaced, but it completely slipped my mind.

While everyone else ran off to the dollar store to buy stickers for upcoming Dexcon (Randy wanted them to decorate badges and the like), Matt, Bill M, and I stayed behind and fiddled with our DS's. It took forever to trade all the pokemon we needed to since you had to watch a FMV sequence for each and you could only trade whatever you currently had in your inventory. It was only after we finished that we found out it was for nothing. The fucking thing only works if you keep the other person's pokemon, not just that they've been traded at some point. Matt couldn't bear having to go through the whole thing again so we still have that whole mess to look forward to at some point. Feh.

After that we watched Final Fantasy Advent Children, which is apparently a plot-sequel anime to Final Fantasy VII. It was interesting if nothing else, though the dialogue was unintentionally hilarious. It's amazing that even large companies like Square can't seem to find a native english speaker to look through their translations before they release things like this. It wasn't as bad as All you base are belong to us, but it was still problematic.

Anyway, all of that is why I didn't get to the recap. If I can bear it, I'll try to get Day 4 up sometime tonight.
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