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Onray Easelyway iesday, itchesbay

Well, according to the latest super sekrit spoiler information. This one is probably closer to the truth than the last one if for no other reason than someone has actually taken pictures of the first few chapters of the book page by page. It's avaliable on a variety of bit torrent sites by now and it wouldn't be hard to find if you're really curious. Frankly, I can't imagine having any less interest in how the books end. The last two were just really subpar and I just can't see how Rowling can bring it back on track. I haven't ordered a copy of the book though I'm sure at least one of my sisters have. I could always borrow it from them after they finish, or better yet, I'm sure the audiobook will be avaliable on bittorrent almost immediately. I'm listening my way through Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time right now, but I could take a break at some point for a HP interlude.

I just got an IM from Bill bitching about how the Origins summary isn't finished yet. Feh. I know I said I'd get it done days ago but I have an excuse. It's hard as fuck to keep yourself alive when you're stuck on a desert island with only a blind girl for company and you have to actually lead her dumb ass to water by hand twice a day. I started playing Lost in Blue. and I can't for the life of me figure out why it's so addicting. I've spent at least 12 of the last 18 hours or so churning away through some of the most tedious and repetative gameplay I've ever seen. Do you have any idea how little nourisment a clam provides? In my first two attempts at it, my characters starved to death. Even after things get rolling, it's a grueling grind just to keep those two wankers alive. There should be a cannibalism option that allows you to eat the blind girl. She'd never see it coming and I do have a spear now.

Anyway, dexcon starts tonight and I'll be treking out to it in a few hours. The last couple of days have been immensely crappy as far as pain goes. That's one reason I've spent so much time fiddling away at the DS games since there's no chance I could sleep with that sort of thing anyway. I'm running on the edge of exhaustion as it is and I only picked up around 3 hours of sleep last night/this morning. I started popping the steroids again starting today for the con, and I'm hoping that might help even things out a bit. The Enbrel should also be arriving sometime today and maybe I can work in an injection sometime tommorrow and see how it works.

Alrighty. I'm going to see if I can finally finish the Saturday entry for origins. It was half-done before I went on the DS kick and I should be able to wrap it up before having to leave tonight. On a sidenote, since I mentioned Harry Potter I thought I would point out that the game is the daily special at Amazon. It's selling for $19.99 and includes that free child's movie ticket. I was going to pick it up because I'm a moron and I buy anything if it's on sale, but the reviews were pretty craptastic. Most of them seem to say that there's a ton of tedious travel bits and I'm already getting an overdose of that from Lost in Blue.
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