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Just a couple of points

  • eBay is full of absolute idiots who will pay exhorbiant amounts of cash for almost valueless crap. My favorite are morons who bid prices up to over retail and the people who vastly overpay for things I'm selling.

  • A $2.99 rubber ducky is NOT 'priceless'.

  • Springfield, Vermont apparently won as the home town of The Simpsons. Go figure.

  • Should be seeing Transformers in the theater before heading off for Gencon. Still not sure if I want to take along on HP: OotP. On one hand, it'll suck ass. On the other hand, I'll be able to complain loudly to those around me it sucks ass.

  • Gencon is advancing too fast. Things to do: Make sure voodoo doll is completed, make a 'give a token' box, make sure everything packed will be under weight limit, contact tracy hickman again and get t-shirt details, figure out how to transport treasure tokens, etc. I almost wish I didn't have to go.

  • Harry Potter can suck my balls. This mania is starting to really annoy me. Luckily, I only hit my limit after the book's release. I imagine it'll die down now. I did download the audiobook and I figure I can listen to it after the urge to vomit receeds.

  • Meds arrived last wendesday but I never found a chance to inject the thing. It's supposed to be sub-Q, which means I'm not sure exactly how to go about it. It's supposed to be injected just under the skin, and not just jabbed into the flesh I think. That could bring about some problems. I mean, how under the skin is just under the skin?

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