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More than meets the eye

As I've mentioned before, I don't really get a chance to see many movies in the theaters for a variety of reasons. Actually, I don't see many movies period. I just can't be bothered and I have this tendancy to fast forward and turn a 2 hour movie into an incomprehensible 15-30 minutes. I usually see around 2 movies, at most, a year in the theater and it's always been hit or miss.

Today, the Bills, Matt, Joyce, Heather, and I trekked out to catch Transformers. I went in with some vague feelings of apprehension but I ended up absolutely loving it. Even (maybe ecspecially) the cheesy parts. What i know for absolute certain is that after the movie ended, I had this real visceral urge to go out and buy the transformer toys. It must've been the subliminal advertisement involved or the literally dozens of instances of product placement. The nokia and panasonic parts were ecspecially egregious IMO because they popped out of nowhere and added nothing interesting to the film.

Anyway, giant battling robots...what's not to like? The reviews I had read complained that it was almost impossible to tell one faction of giant robots apart from the other. I can only assume that years of watching the cartoon on tv and fiddling with the toys has granted me a preternatural ability in that realm since I had no problems telling who was who. The exposition was also sort of entertaining, if generally nonsensical. The key sticking point in my head though is this: If megatron's navigational system activated while he was frozen with the All Spark (Cube of Death) in the arctic circle and imprinted the location on the glasses, why in the world would reading the glasses a hundred years later lead the autobots to the current location of Hoover Dam instead of the frozen north? If anyone has any ideas, reasonable or not, I'd love to hear them. It bugging the heck out of me.

So, other movie points:

  • Same voice for Optimus Prime = Cool as hell. Just think, you can get a job voicing a giant robot in a cartoon and 30 years later get a job voicing the same damn robot in a movie. That's sorta sweet.

  • Bumblebee is still the gimp of the group.

  • If the autobots learned about human culture from the world wide web, why didn't they use leet speak and talk about humanity fucking goats and HOT TEEN BITCHES XXX instead of freedom and crap?

  • Starscream rules. I don't even care that he had a bit part. He's the only one of the decepticons that lived and that's all that's important. I just wish they had gotten the original voice actor for him to do that screeching whine from the cartoons.

After the movie ended, we stopped off at some mexican resturant nearby and then it was home. I gave myself my second injection ever though it took forever and I was shaking/twitchy a bit by the end of it. I'm sure I'll work past the whole thing but as it stands, it's still freaking me out. It's like trying to psyche yourself up to stick your hand into a fire of sorts.
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