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Dexcon X: Part 2 of......

By this point, I really don't recall what happened each day of dexcon anymore. Since I only took sporadic pictures, there's not much of a framework to hang it all on. That being the case, I figure I'm just going to scrap the format and try to hit the highlights.

Dexcon seemed smaller to me this year for some reason. This is despite the fact that we were told during opening ceremonies that a new record had been set for pre-reg. I guess it might be just that more people pre-reg'ed but less showed up for day passes or on the spur of the moment. It could also be that more people did things other than boardgames. God knows I seldom left the boardgame room. There just didn't seem to be all that much oppertunity to wander around and I didn't have any huge incentive to bother anyway.

One thing I did stop off to see a couple times was the dealer's room. I, of course, bought nothing there. I refuse to buy things that I can get for cheaper elsewhere unless there's some reason I need it right away, there's some sort of promo or premium for it, or I'm buying from a friend/acquantance I like. Otherwise, it just seems to be a waste of money. I first wandered through the room with Joyce and we found a bin full of those little disease plushies like the ones at Origins. We rifled through several dozen of the little puffballs but once again, could not seem to find one for the Herp. God knows why.

I mean, that's what the herp apparently looks like. You'd think it'd be easy to make one. It's just a god damn fuzzy sphere. Anyway, later on during the con I saw Madelaine with one of the plushie diseases. To my complete lack of surprise, she picked the girly Mononucleolus. As I recall, it was purple/pink with two giant eyelashed eyes.

What Joyce and I did manage to find, was something else I saw at origins but didn't get a chance to snap a picture of. I have no clue what it's actually supposed to be, but it looks like a hairy vagina with teeth. I felt all nostalgic when I saw it. It reminded me of Utero the Destroyer.

I <3 Utero. It makes me wonder where that shirt I had made is. I still think I should have sold t-shirts with Utero on the back. Surely it'd sell, right? On a sidenote, we were discussing Freakanomics last night at dinner and the abortion arguement contained within came up. I came up with a perfect bumper sticker. "Aborting the underclass since 1973." You'd want one on your car, right? Even better if you were a doctor that actually performed abortions.

Anyway, I told Joyce to lick the carpet, so to speak, for the picture but all she managed was to stick her tongue out at the thing. Still sorta spiffy really.

There wasn't much else in the dealer room of all that much interest. There was some guy selling pirated dvd's of old 80's cartoons. Bill M and I ended up reminiscing for a bit over some of the recalled memories. Anyone remember Bionic 6? I was sorta disturbed to discover that I actually could recall part of the theme song and sing it.

Another place I stopped by a couple times during the con was the prize table. I've been accumilating these damn prize points for a couple years now and I usually end up trading them in for crap. I picked up a whole pile of shit last year including the impossible to overestimate, Fred Saberhagen's Berserker. It seems to combine the best of both worlds of being incredibly old as well as incredibly sucky. The game consists of cardboard chits that you actually have to cut out, apparently coming from the era before they invented perforation.

I managed to strike gold this time out. A Bush plushie for only 4 points. Score! Randy was sorta disapointed when I showed him my lucky find. He had apparently had a deal with the vender guy to hold the doll for him but there must've been some sort of miscommunication. It wouldn't have made sense anyway. We all know Randy dosen't go for Bush. He claims to have wanted it to give to Bob as a gag gift.

Well, the early bird gets the worm and now the Bush is all mine.

Poor Randy.

In addition to running various board games on the schedule, I also signed up to do my regular allotment of playroom demos. Only some of them ended up going off, but that's only to be expected with so many people running around and so many game slots avaliable. It was a huge Killer Bunnies weekend though. Both slots went off and based on my estimates around 15-20 people played. Everyone scarfed up the promo cards I brought like they were gold plated.

Here's a picture that Joyce must've taken of me teaching Dead Man's Treaure. Another game from Playroom, it's about bidding on islands where there are treasure chests while avoiding cannons and evil gold stealing ghosts. It's pretty spiffy and quick to boot.

One disapointment was that the Smirk and Dagger guys weren't at the con. As you can see in the picture, I wore my Hex-Hex shirt in honor of them and had been hoping to chat with them. All I know is that Kurt was on his way down when he had to turn back halfway through due to some sort of family emergency. I hope it wasn't anything serious. He's a great guy and I wish I got to see more of him down here. Hex-Hex is also my current favorite game and I'm always willing to get a game of it started or sit in on one already going.

Bernie also showed up at some point and I got into a game with her involving pizzas. I think it was...Mama Mia's? It was surprisingly strategic for a game so themed so cartoony and I liked it more than I expected for all that it involved memory to large part. Memory and Dexterity games are never my thing. The former requires way too much effort and concentration than I'm willing to expend for most games and the later I just suck at. On a sidenote, I guess I should mention for posterity that there's something about Bernie that's been irking me lately. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but something about her is jumping up and down on one of my nerves whenever we interact. I should ponder that out one of these days.

Here's a picture of Eddie. He's Ruth's husband and a spiffy guy, if a bit nutty late at night. Blood sugar issues I've been told. Anyway, he spent the entire con carrying around a wooden pole for some reason. It was shorter than a Bo but I'm certain it had some sort of martial arts link to it. You don't usually see people carting around mop handles unless it has some sort of significance.

Here's Murph, Ruth, and June sitting in front of my copy of Ra and my Pirates tin. I can only assume that Joyce took all of these pictures of people since I certainly don't recall doing it. We never did get a chance to play Pirates. We did all wander over to the wargaming room at one point where they had a large table set up for the game with those 3-d ceramic islands and crap. I don't recall what they cost now, but I remember being shocked at the time. Wargamers must all be independently wealthy. The amount of cash they're willing to shell out for terrain or a rubber building is obscene.

Alrighty. I only have half a dozen pictures or so left but I don't feel like working on this anymore. I'll wrap it all up in a third and final estallment at some point. Hopefully I'll get to it tommorrow, though my 'tommorrow' often ends up being days if not weeks.
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