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Well, I've done just about all I can to prep for some of the gencon things I was so worried about. Joyce gave me a ring yesterday and offered to take me exploring in the interesting, yet more than slightly disturbing, world of arts and craft stores. You wouldn't believe some of the whacky crap they have in there.

Anyway, I ended up picking up around 30 dollars worth of materials for a take a token box for True Dungeon as well some iron-on tranfers that I'm hoping will come in handy for the voodoo doll. The box idea has, umm, well, grown a bit from what I originally envisioned. Last year, I just took a USPS box, duct taped the whole thing, and cut a hole in the top with lotsa fringes. This time around the idea is to create something nice that will hopefully be used year after year. Joyce is going to spray paint the box I got black, and then I'm going to put it through its crafty paces and hopefully create something nice out of it. I entered a sort of buying frenzy while at the Michaels and ended up picking up all sorts of weird gobbily gook. I should, before I leave, have pictures of the thing, or as much as I'll have done before the con itself.

As for the voodoo doll, I picked up the transfer sheets and hope to print out the t-shirt logo that Tracy Hickman sent me. I figure that it can either be ironed onto the back of the doll's shirt or perhaps onto a 'cape' of sorts and then attached. I'll get a couple different sizes of the shirt icon printed ahead of time and then take the remaining transfer sheets with me in case there's some size fubar and I need to do it over again in chicago. I was a bit disturbed to find out they actually sell pre-fab dolls in arts and craft stores. I'm thinking, even now, of maybe buying a pre-fab one and just asking Sew if she could dress it up for me and make the accessories. I'm just really worried about the time involved and whether or not the whole thing will work out. I could buy a pre-fab doll and ship it to her or something, and maybe she could get to work on it ahead of time. If I just bring it with me, I guess she would still have 6 days to put it together. It's just driving me nuts.

The vital part isn't the doll body itself, it's going to be the acoutrements, the things that will make it recognizably to be Tracy Hickman. I have no ability to fab any of those and make it look normal from hair to clothes or things held in hand. Feh. Maybe I should just give Sew a call tommorrow and see if the pre-fab doll body would actually help her out any.
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