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I is famous!

That's right. I have achieved fame and fort...well, fame anyway. Huge hat tip to jirel. She was searching around on the Gencon History site and found a new section that mentions me.

As a recap, the gencon history site was started because this year will be the 40th anniversary of Gencon. They're putting out a coffee table book of sorts with pictures and interviews and god knows what other gobbily gook to commenmorate the con to date. In order to facillitate that, they had people write in with their best gencon stories and pictures from years gone by. I even submitted a couple and actually won the category, getting a free badge out of it.

Anyway, Jirel noted that to hype the book's release they went out and interviewed a buncha gaming luminaries and put up audio excerpts of the interviews. One of the people they spoke to was Tracy Hickman.

Tracy Hickman on the Killer Breakfast

This week we have a segment from Robin's interview with Tracy Hickman for the 40 Years of Gen Con coffee table book, in which Tracy discusses the elaborate schemes used by fan Henry Chi to survive Tracy's Killer Breakfast event.

INTERVIEW AUDIO CLIP: Tracy Hickman on the Killer Breakfast

If you're curious about what the Henry Chi cardboard standup looks like, just wait until August ... a photo appears on page 119 of 40 Years of Gen Con!

Sweet, eh? Who wants to touch me?

On a sidenote, Sew got in touch with me and I'm feeling better about the whole voodoo doll thing. I also have a new idea I'm going to try for Killer Breakfast and all I need is a mop handle, a length of string, and a visit to Blood Bath and Beyond. It's going to be pretty spiffy!
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