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Erf. Only 2 days until I leave and I still haven't started packing. Well, that is if packing means putting things in a suitcase. If finally finished sorting my True Dungeon treasure tokens and the resulting case weighs a freaking ton. I'll have to carry it on because as it stands, it weighs as much as one piece of checked luggage I think.

The token box is finished! Well, it's finished except for one minor cosmetic detail. I have to go out and get some more of those stick on letters and fix something. I also need to find a giant rubber band at some point. Anyway, all of the credit goes to joycehull. I went over to their place yesterday and while Matt and I played video games involving aliens ripping people's heads off, she put the box together. Joyce is a handy person to have around that way. I think I'm going to outsource all of my con projects to her from now on. I'll have pictures of the box tonight in all of its glory after I finish up the last few niggling details. I'll also have to start stuffing things into my suitcases too. I'm going to bring two fo them so I'm thinking there will be room for everything, as well as any crap that I need to haul back. As long as I carry my token case, I should be under the weight limits.

Other than that, I've been doing sorta crappy lately. Things have not been good on the health front for some inexplicable reason. It's just the cycles as normal I guess. Nothing but blood, blood and more blood. I'm hoping that things might get better once I pop back on the steroids. I've been off them all this time hoping to maximize the effect for when I really needed it. No clue how that will go but I have to hope it all pans out. Otherwise, I'm going to be a real gimpy mess. A trip out last night with Matt, Joyce, Lori, and Dave, left me all messed up by the end of it. We're supposed to go to a movie tonight but I'm not sure if it's worth the price I'm going to pay in pain and discomfort.
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