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Welp, I finally have those pictures of the token box that I promised. I'm going to put it behind a cut since I have several of them.

So here's the front view of the box with little Timmy Token as I'll have him set up at True Dungeon. I'll just have to find something to prop up the difference in height instead of books. It was impossible to find anything that would hang him right. The idea to start had been to suspend him over the mouth as if he were being fed to it, but notta worked out that would be easy. I didn't want to start implanting supports into the top of the box or anything else complex. This works out just as well IMO.

Here's a closeup of Timmy. As you can see, he's holding both a woodie and a chippie. I debated for a while if I should have given him a sword and shield or some such, but I figured that it didn't really matter what I stuck on him in the end as long as it was one of each time.

I also had both sides of the box printed with whozits. This one is just generic True Dungeon.

The other side has a pretty obvious message. I'm thinking about adding something to the back side too. Not that many people will see it there but it might be nice to 'sign' the thing there. At this point, I'm just hoping that no one will wreck the thing during the con or steal it. It wasn't all that hard to put together, but I'm sorta attached to it now.
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