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Welp, here's what's filled in so far for the next couple of weeks. Some of the times actually overlap one another as far as the slots go. I'm thinking it might not be a bad thing that I decided to drop so many events. I've taken on more TD slots and if I pitch Novus, I have most mornings free. I can actually sleep in and give myself enough time to get read in the morning so I can mitigate my gimpiness. Not giving the meds enough time to work their way in right at the start is always sucky.

Tuesday 8/7/07

7:05 pm - Arrive in Chicago

Friday 8/10/07

8:00 pm - Melissa's Birthday Party

Saturday 8/11/07

All Day - Bristol Renn Faire

Sunday 8/12/07

2:00 pm - Party/Game Night at Noelle's

Tuesday 8/14/07

12:55 pm - Flight to Indianapolis
2:45 pm - Arrive in Indianapolis
5:00 pm - Gaming at The Ram

Wednesday 8/15/07

All Day - Gaming at The Ram

Thursday 8/16/07

8:00 am - Novus Ordo Seclorum Round 1 [RPG01014]
12:36 pm - True Dungeon (Puzzle)
6:00 pm - True Dungeon (Puzzle) [TDA00044]
9:37 pm - True Dungeon Hardcore (Combat) [TDA00265]

Friday 8/17/07

11:00 am - Killer Bunnies Qualifier [CGM00179]
12:49 pm - True Dungeon (Combat)
4:30 pm - BYOV's A Holiday at Hogwarts [LRP00087]
9:00 pm - NASCRAG Round 1 [RPG00538]

Saturday 8/18/07

9:00 am - Killer Breakfast [RPG00010]
1:00 pm - NASCRAG Round 2 [RPG00539]
7:00 pm - NASCRAG Round 3 [RPG00540]
11:13 pm - True Dungeon Hardcore (Combat) [TDA00409]

Let see....things not scheduled:

  • Need to find out if Kinko or the like makes banners so I can have one put together in Chicago. I guess I could do one here and cart it over but time seems to be getting a little tight. I need one for Killer Breakfast for the cutout. The problem is I don't want anything fancy or costly. Whatever happened to the old days when you could just print it out on your printer?

  • Of course I'm going to need time to chat with Sew about the voodoo doll and how it's coming together while in chicago.

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