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So, I've actually got net access while I'm here in chicago, though I haven't used it for anything other than to keep up with a couple of forums that I'm on. It seems easier, in general, just to use the voice posts rather than making actual entries. Since I've got the time at the moment though, I thought I'd pop onto LJ and take a look around.

Things have been going pretty well so far. Sew got in touch with me about the doll and, knock on wood, we seem to have everything worked out. She'll have it done by the night before I have to leave the city and I'm hoping it'll all go good. That's really the only thing I'm worried about as far as this trip goes. Well, that and how not to pray for death at the con itself after being forced to haul around that broken carry case for the tokens. I'm really not sure what to do about that. Carting it around along with all of the normal crap I carry with me is simply not going to work. I'm sure jirel will have a motorized cart-thing there. I should just get her to join our TD runs and then make her put the load of tokens into the cart basket.

Surprisingly, I popped over to Sissyfight yesterday and found a PM in my box from Phoebe. Turns out that Nilla is allowing him to go to gencon and he's fulfilling his 20-year long dream. I sent him some info about events I thought he'd enjoy and passed on my contact info. Turns out tht he and his group picked up TD tickets already, which must mean they were pretty on the ball as far as pre-reging and the like was concerned.

Lets see....the only other thing that's making me a little nervy is my decision to pop down to Indy tuesday instead of wednesday like normal. The only person I know who will be down there is jirel. Everyone else won't be showing up until the next day. I'm just wondering if there will be enough to do to make it worthwhile. That and having to cab it back and forth between downtown and the battered women's sheltar (Extended Stay America) I'll be staying at is making me a little grumpy. I should also give Richard a ring about the cutout and the need for a mop handle. An unusual request for sure, but I didn't lug that god damn giant lollypop 800 miles for nothing. It's going to free a good chunk of space in my suitcase after I give it the heave-ho. I guess I should also get a hold of a length of rope or something too. Hmmm.

Oh well. If anyone needs me, just ring the cell phone. If I don't pick up, I'll give you a call back whenever I get the message.
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