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“Today would be trip to the ___ fair. And it was Jasmin, me Mellissa, John, & Mellissa's friend Mark & Richard. And we just got back, not to long ago, so was standing in Mellissa living room ___ John digital play about the wizard forum's. Where apparently the argument is about, whether not we should be individual role playing awards. Ya so not the most interesting in the world perhaps. The rental was kinda cool, I mean it didn't end up being here where it's bad temperature wise. I just thought it was ___. It was hot & everything, plus the their was kinda overcast for part of it. And their was a quick breeze, that was ok. I didn't buy anything other than food & water, but I got a crap load of pictures with little Georgie & a whole bunch of things. That's gonna be kinda cool. Nothing else really interesting, we'll probably just gonna get ___ around here a bit. And tomorrow will be the game day at Nowells.”

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