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“Alright, I think I found the greatest restaurant ever. It a ___ restaurant & it's like I'd fallen in to a parallel dimension. I'm really upset with John & Melissa having never shown me this place before. There is a guy up there playing poker & stuff. The name of the restaurant is the Chicago Brouwhouse(?). It's absolutely fucking hilarious, I mean there's beers the size of your God darn head, it's practically ring(?) over like a Chinese lab with dead ___ or something it's so freaking classic. Not to mention the music, I'm hoping you can hear some of this in the background because they were playing these ___ when we got in here, it's like the classic you know, the beer barrel poker. Fan freaking tastic, & 1 of the waitresses who speaks with this thick German accent like they even support(?) the waitresses. Fantastic. I mean, yeah this place is great, I'm ___.”

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