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“Well voodoo(?) happening & everything else from my ___ luggage is now officially lost. If you(?) can show up on the next flight from Chicago which is now pretty much, no one knows where the fuck this thing is. My suitcase is just hoofed(?) & in limbo. Yeah pretty shitty at the moment. So I'm at the ram. I've been here for a quite a few hrs now with Jirell(?) for most of the time & a couple of other people joined us here now. We were just having just a chat with. There was a ___ mixed up with the scheduling, so we couldn't get the bathroom & so just now someone just drove(?) into the bathroom & they started again ___ & I'm just kinda sitting ___ for the moment. There's another flight in from Chicago that lands some time after 11:00. So they(?) want to know where the hell the suitcase is. They're just gonna keep checking each flight as it comes in & hope that, you know, it ends up on 1 another(?). My God, that suitcase, that better show up. I am gonna be so incredibly sick(?) if it doesn't show up. Alright, so ___ yet then. I'll keep updating.”

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