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Margaret Cho shit in her pants

Welp, John, Melissa, and I went to the margaret cho show today that was on campus. I had picked up the tickets a few weeks ago after finding out she was visiting the U of C and it was pretty spiffy overall. I would have to say that the guy who opened for her act was funnier overall than she was, which is not a good sign. He was pretty hilarious and I ecspecially liked some of the race issue jokes he had about his white friend came up to him and said, 'Dude, dude! You're like, more white than I am!' (He was a gay black man) to which he responded 'Just because I speak proper english does not make me whiter than you. It just makes me smarter than you'. Right on. Preaching to the choir. He was only on stage for maybe 10-15 minutes or so and then on came cho. We had pretty good seats on the balcony, in a box almost over the stage it was so close so I had a great view and upon seeing her I immediately turned to John and said she must've had gastric bypass or something. She's really shrunk unbelievably from just a couple years ago when I had last seen her on tv. Things went downhill from there.

She opened up with all this political bullshit praising, a group of leftist fuckups seeking to dodge the mccain-feingold campaign finance law and flood the campaign with large donations by ultra leftist hollywood types. It's funny how the democrats and their leftist supporters are the first to bitch, whine and complain about the influence of big money in politics and when the first campaign finance law in a generation passes, they're also the first fuckups who attempt to bypass and obstruct it. Fucking hypocrites. So she rants for a bit about how wonderful these jackasses are and assorted crap about being pro-choice is a wonderful thing (as long as you don't mind the death). It just went on and on and I was starting to get ticked off. Through the show I shouted down and heckled a few times and it seemed some people agreed considering there were other hecklers at the end.

The rest of her show after she finished the political tirade wasn't bad. It wasn't as good in my opinion as her older stuff, which focused more on the Joy Luck Clubesque experience of people born to immigrant parents that I liked. This time around it was mostly sex, how she loves her vibrator, going to bangkok (just use your imagination here), and about how she was driving in her car one day and took a massive shit in her pants and how that taught her that she shouldn't have body image issues anymore. Don't ask got a little confused in there somewhere.

The show ended with a question-answer session that was mostly cloying and pandering crap by the audience. There was one heckler but he wasn't a very good heckler which irked me a bit. I shouted some things down just to be annoying like at one point someone asked her if she thought the catholic church should allow gay priests, She answered yes to which I shouted down 'yeah! so they can molest more children!'. I was just feeling quite pissy by that point. A few more solo chants of 'Four more years! Four more years!' also didn't catch on.

Oh well. Que sera, sera.

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