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Cue the boob lady

It's going to be days before I feel back to normal. For now, I seem to wander through the day in a perpetual haze. It'll take quite a bit just to make up all the sleep I've been missing over the past couple of weeks.

Anyway, while I was trying to recharge a few zzz's today, I got a call from Brian. It turns out that his wife and kids were out of the country and he finally had some free time. That's been rarer than hen's teeth over the years and I'd more or less given up on extending invitations to game days and other events out. I figure that when he has the time, he'll give me a ring like it worked out this time around.

At first, we were going to go out and get dinner with Matt and Joyce and then catch a movie but the group plan sorta fell through. Joyce had already started making dinner and Matt had a job interview in the morning so they bowed out. Brian and I ended up going to Famous Dave's and then caught the Simpsons movie at the local AMC.

In short, I wasn't very impressed. The plot didn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense and had weird elements that didn't seem to connect. I mean, Alaska? WTF? None of the laughs were all the specatcular either, which was sorta disapointing. It reminded me of why I no longer watch simpsons episodes on tv and haven't for the past 4 years or so. This is not to say that there weren't little bit parts that were quite entertaining. I liked that Martin got to pound the bullies and Ralph's comments are always spiffy. All in all, I just wish they had worked a bit more on the script.
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