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World of pain

Feh. Coming off the steroids after my trip has been a very unpleasant experience. Despite how much sleep I've missed out on, I find that I can't manage to keep unconscious for more than a couple hours at a time before pain wakes me up again. At that point, I'll be up for a while until it recedes and if I try to sleep again, the cycle repeats. It's driving me bonkers. It's sad to realize that I was far more functional when I was running around the con than I am at home. I can only hope that things stabilize after a bit or I'm going to fall flat on my face at some point.

On another note, I finished up the first month of the Enbrel while at gencon and should be getting another month's worth today. I still can't decide if it's having any effect at all, positive or negative. I think most of the positive effect I experienced on the trip is due to the steroids, though it's hard to say for sure. Now that I'm off of them, it should be easier to figure out if Enbrel is actually helping on its own. I've gotten used to the idea of the injections, having gone through 7 of them now, and while it's still not pleasant, it's not something I'm freaking out about either. Just goes to show that you can get used to anything given enough time and exposure.

If I can actually get some rest at some point, I'll try to start resizing and uploading the chicago and gencon pictures. The final count was something like 265 pictures total. Even if a good chunk are duplicates or unusable, I figure it's still going to be a job that takes hours.
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