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I'm a level 67 Wiccan! My epic feat is asshatery.

Salem 'witch,' associate accused of leaving animal remains at stores

SALEM, Massachusetts (AP) -- A self-proclaimed high priestess of Salem witches and a second person were accused of tossing raccoon parts on the doorsteps of businesses, allegedly as part of a Wiccan community feud.

Sharon Graham, 46, and a fellow Wiccan, Frederick Purtz, 22, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of littering and malicious destruction of property. Graham also was charged with intimidating a witness.

They were accused of putting a raccoon head and entrails on the doorsteps of Angelica of the Angels and the Goddess' Treasure Chest in May.

Salem, a historic seaport famous for holding witch trials in the 17th century, has an active Wiccan community and thriving witch-related tourism.

David Gavegnano, a lawyer for Graham, and Sean Wynne, a lawyer for Purtz, both denied that their clients had anything to do with the incident. They also argued that at any rate, the malicious destruction charge wasn't valid because the storefronts weren't permanently damaged.

A witness, Richard Watson, told police he accompanied Graham, Purtz and other people when they put the raccoon remains on the doorsteps. He said Graham hoped to frame a Wiccan businessman who had fired Graham from a psychic telephone business last spring.

Watson also said Graham had a disagreement with the owners of the two targeted businesses over proposed regulations that would limit the number of psychics who come to the city during the Halloween season. He said he was told the group had found the raccoon dead.

Gavegnano declined to comment on Watson's accusations Thursday. Wynne told The Boston Herald said there were probably "internal issues within the Wiccan community," but the tossing of raccoon entrails may be a "bastardization" of Wiccan practice because the religion doesn't condone harming others.

Hey, say what you will for christian extremists, but at least they don't usually toss bloody raccoon parts at your house or buisness. Besides, I'm sure this is all a horrible misunderstanding. No doubt tossing bloody carcases at people is really some sort of cleansing ritual meant to call down the power of Mother Earth. No? Umm...maybe then it was some sort of get rich quick scheme. I hear that Wiccans believe in the whole 'everything comes back to you three fold' idea.

  • Step 1: Toss bloody raccoon parts at people

  • Step 2: Receive 3x bloody raccoon parts in return

  • Step 3: ? ? ? ?

  • Step 4: Profit.

Sounds like it has a lot of potential. Ecspecially true if the whole phone psychic thing dosen't work out. Besides, it's not good to fuck with those people. Miss Cleo will pop a cap in your ass and then hit your corpse with so much voodoo that your grandchildren will be pissing blood for a week.
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