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Silent Library Retread

A while back (I have no idea at the moment how long) I posted an entry with some links to a Japanese game show with a reoccuring bit dubbed 'Silent Library'. The basic premise is it's like drawing straws and the short one brings suffering. In that way, it's a lot like most japanese game shows and why I find them so incredibly amusing. As George Takei said in that one Simpsons episode, 'Our game shows are a little different than your own. Your shows reward knowledge. Ours punish ignorance!' The added bonus is that it's supposedly taking place in a library and all the contestants are supposed to minimize the amount of noise they make. I found it to be hilarious at the time and over the past few days I've been searching around on youtube for other japanese gameshow clips and ran across it again. I thought I'd compile the files in a new entry since some of the links have now expired and I can actually embed videos.

Man, I wish we could have shows like this on american tv. I mean, WTF? How come television stations in Japan can humiliate and cause mental, emotional, and physical suffering to their contestants and not worry about lawsuits while tv stations here shit bricks for fear of something like this? I mean, it's not even like they're subjecting the kids to hilarious torture or something....though it might cause me to actually watch the show if they were. If you can't abuse and humilate people on tv, where can you do it? It's time to pass some fairly draconian laws to limit lawsuits so I can watch people suffer in a humorous fashion in English.

On a sidenote, maybe it was inevitable but some people have gotten together to do their own amateur version of Silent Library. I stumbled over one of the videos on youtube while looking for the original and thought I'd link it here. I haven't taken a look at it yet, but I'm all for college students making fools of themselves. It's sweet like a baby's tears.

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