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Note to self: No foot tapping

Maybe it's just me but I think the Republican party is due for some sort of house cleaning. I'm getting really sick and tired of seeing these scandals involving these perverted nutjobs. If you're going to solicit gay sex, can't you at least invite the person over to your home or something for christs sake? Hell, get a fucking hotel room at least. I've never quite understood why anyone would want to fuck in a public bathroom, but it's certainly not something I would want my senator doing.

Maybe it's time to just call a congressional meeting and lay down the law. Something of along the lines of, 'If you're engaging in some twisted, nasty shit, consider offering your resignation you twisted fucks because you're dragging all of us through the mud. If you, and you know who you are, are engaging in twisted, nasty shit and get caught even after this warning, the rest of us will collectively curbstomp your ass'. Clean that up and translate it into something more polite that still manages to get the message across. Something needs to be done because it's getting fucking ridiculous. First it's whatshisface down in florida offering to blow guys for $20, then it's the guy in washington with the hooker, and now it's Mr WideStance fucking in bathrooms.

On a sidenote, I found a nice little summary of the code for gay bathroom sex over on Slate.

Generally, one person initiates contact by tapping his foot in a way that's visible beneath the stall divider. If the second person responds with a similar tap, the initiator moves his foot closer to the other person's stall. If the other person makes a similar move, the first will inch closer yet again. The pair usually goes through the whole process a few times, just to confirm that the signals aren't an accident.

Next, one of the men will slide his hand under the divider. This usually means he's inviting the other person to present himself, as if to say, "Show me what you got." The partner can respond by kneeling on the floor and presenting his penis or rear end underneath the divider. Or he can swipe his own hand under the divider, as if to say, "You go first." Some married men make a point of displaying their wedding band (like Sen. Craig allegedly did) to make themselves more alluring.

Feh. I'm making a personal note to never tap my feet or assume a 'wide stance'. God knows what I would do if someone stuck his penis down under the stall divider and I hope to never find out. This is some twisted, crazy crap.

It's sorta disturbing that the police will actually send an officer to spend hours sitting in a bathroom stall for the sole purpose of waiting to get solicited for gay bathroom sex, though not nearly as wanky as knowing it takes place. I'm sure civil libertarians are all up in arms about this, and I guess I should feel a little more outraged about the police actions, but I just can't seem to manage it. It does raise some disquiet when simply being accused of crime like this might actually force you to plead guilty because only a suicidal person would try to fight it. The whole bury the story idea didn't work out this time, but I can't see it being better, only worse, if whatshisface had declaired he was innocent of everything from the start and fought the charge in court. Since there have been rumors about this guy doing the same crap in Washington, I'm going to assume that things occurred as the officer described, but I can only imagine the shitstorm if someone was wrongly accused of something like this.
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