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Does amusing yourself make you go blind?

Alrighty, I just made a post on the True Dungeon forums that I personally found amusing as heck. I'm sure the vast majority of you will have no clue what I'm talking about, but that's pretty much par for the course nowadays, no? Anyway, I'm always hearing from others that the primary point of having a LJ (other than to talk smack about people you don't like) is to entertain yourself and I found it pretty funny.

To set it up, this was my post in response to the perrenial topic of how to try to work out the structure of TD to provide the most slots and profit without burning out the volunteers completely.

I've got an absolutely fantastic idea. Eliminate 10% of the slots right now, scattered about the three days. Then, offer a new program we'll tentatively name the VITD, Very Important True Dungeoneer. For the low, low price of becoming a VITD (circa $300) you get priority selection of a TD slot. If you have friends who want to come along, they can join as a FoVITD, Friend of Very Important True Dungeoneer, and pay $50 for their ticket to join you in your super special run. In addition to being able to pick up a super-special ticket, you also get a tinderbox signed by Jeff Martin himself as a keepsake. There will also be a VITD only section of the tavern, fenced off from the rest of the rabble with velvet dividing ropes and guarded by a bouncer. In this rarified atmosphere you are welcome to sip from our VITD exclusive complementary water fountain and lounge on super-special chairs (thus designated by having a sign on the back that says 'super special').

I think the idea is a winner.


Ya, I know 95% of you don't get it. Take my word for it, it's FUN-NEE!
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