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Hey!! That's the side of my head!

I was just reading Slate and saw that they had a video montage of Gencon. I'm watching it when I realized that the side of my head is in the freaking clip!

It's at 1:33 in case you're curious. I mean, sure, it's not a staring role or anything but still, it's the side of my head! Richard got star billing in that clip. It was during the Harry Potter Larp and I didn't even notice anyone with a video camera wandering around.

Ummm...holy fuck. The minute I saw my head I paused the video to make this post. I just clicked play again and found the rest of it....holy shit. I'm not sure I want to be known as the gamer guy waiving the bible around and yelling Jesus is my shield. Ummm...crap. Okay. Consider me wigged out a little.
Tags: book club: harry potter, gencon, video

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