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Solo Stardust

I went to cash in that free movie ticket tonight and decided to see Stardust after all. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever watched a movie in the theaters by myself and it does take something away to not have someone to whisper snide asides to during the film.

Overall, I liked the movie a lot. I'm ecspecially impressed by the ending considering how much I disliked the way the book wrapped up. It had been a real let down without a climax but the movie certainly spiced it up. A lot of it might have been a bit hokey with the whole 'cue the fight scene' aspect, but it's a fairy tale. that's just par for the course. It only makes it all the more glaring that Gaiman left it out of the book.

Other than that, I have to say that I'm so incredibly impressed with Michelle Pfeiffer in this film. She was absolutely fantastic. My opinion of her and her acting abilities have gone through the roof after seeing her play the part of Lamia perfectly. I couldn't have imagined it being done better. She, in large part, carried the film with her scenes.

Robert DeNiro was also great, but his was the easier part for sure. It's always easier to act something over the top and just ham it up. It was still great though and his character was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide. On a sidenote, I had the added entertainment of overhearing a mom tell her daughter (circa 8-10 yo) as we were walking out that because Humphrey winked back at Shakespeare, it showed that he 'had the gay'.

I also thought that Mark Strong, the guy playing Septimus, was spot on perfect for the character and Sienna Miller as Victoria too. I don't pay much attention to pop culture at all so I had never heard of Sienna Miller before seeing her name in the credits after the film. She's absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous in the film. While she didn't have a giant part, she played it far better than the male lead during the picnic scene.

It's sad to say that the two casting jobs that I really couldn't stand were that of Tristan and Yvaine, though more than latter than the former. My God. Claire Danes makes me want to projectile vomit razor blades. She stinks like an African cesspit in high Summer. Who the hell did she have to fuck to get this part? The entire first half of the film was nearly unbearable thanks to her. I haven't seen an actor that wooden since Pinocchio. Not to mention that it wasn't exactly a favorable comparrison that Sienna Miller was so much hotter than her. It was just god awful all around. I'm even more upset to find out that she actually only got the job because Sarah Michelle Gellar turned it down. Now, SMG might be a brainless, vapid, twat but I'm willing to bet she could have fit this role much better than Claire Danes who almost singlehandedly turned it into a cockup.

It's too bad you can't call redo on movies. There should be some way to do the whole thing over through the magic of editing and chuck both of the lead actors and replace them with people who suck less. Fucking Clare Danes.....
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