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He's a dead man

I'm not really a cubs fan but I love a good underdog. That and the fact that I can't think of anything positive to say for a team named after a giant fish and I live in chicago makes me a nominal cubs supporter I guess. All I can say is that this poor son of a bitch is a dead man. They are going to hunt down this poor schmuck in the streets and beat him down until his hair bleeds. I wouldn't give him the life expectancy of a snowball in hell if the cubs fail to win this series. At this very moment, drunken cubs fans are no doubt roaming the streets crying out for this guy's blood. I sincerely hope that he has his insurance (and by that I mean life insurance) payed up and that he's spending this night barricading heavy things in front of his door and sleeping with his shotgun close at hand. He's lucky that security escorted him out of the stadium or they would have torn him apart in the stands already.

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