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But there are dreams that cannot be

Well, things are still pretty crappy in the whole meta-analysis. I'm managing to keep a base level of functioning with the opiates and ibuprofen, but it's not a pleasant trip overall and I tend to hit craplods of potholes. The most annoying part is that the whole pain issue just feeds procrastination. When every little action has a little extra grief surcharge attached, it's harder to convince yourself to do it. I've yet the photo recap completely founder as well as other things I wanted to get to. I'm glad I got the Stardust review up, but there I had the addeded incentive of irritation. Seriously though. Claire Danes. WTF?

Enbrel injections are on-going and still don't seem to be doing a lick of good. I've toying with the delusional idea that it might provide some sort of short term benefit, just in the hours following the injection itself, but I'm sure that's just wishful thinking. As a whole, it seems to be a dud as far as my particular circumstances are concerned.

On the plus side, there isn't all that much that I need to do so I can sort of wallow in misery for as long as I want. Summer Con season is over and there's nothing that I absolutely have to sally forth to do. The next event of any sort is Ubercon IX in early November and they just moved it so that it's like 2 miles from the house. It dosen't get much more convienant than that. To boot, as long as I don't sign up to run too many games, I can always blow it off or take it easy if I need to.

It sometimes seems like without intending it, I've moved into the perpetual twilight portion of my life.
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