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Better late than....

Guess what I found today? An envelope with my gencon badge and tickets. It looks like those wankers must've made my crap afterall, but it must not have gotten here in time. I figured I had dodged the will-call bug when nothing had arrived by the time I left for Chicago. Turns out that not only did they fubar by mailing the thing, but they were pretty slow about it too. The envelope turned up in a pile of old mail collected while I was on the trip.

On interesting note, my badge lists Playroom Entertainment under my name. I wonder what's up with that? I'm pretty sure I didn't have an exhibitor's badge this time around since those usually say 'Exhibitor', right? It might just be a carry over from SoCal where I worked for Playroom but it's got me wondering. If this was an exhibitor badge, then I certainly missed out at gencon for not having it. Getting into the exhibit hall a hour early would have been a real boon considering that I didn't find time for it at all until Sunday. I could have swept up a lot of swag in a hour's time if there were no crowds around.
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