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It's weird but I just had a passing moment of contentment and happiness. Sorta creepy really. I was lying in bed about to start re-reading a book when a wave of satisfaction sort of washed over me. To my complete lack of surprise, the sensation didn't last all that long but for a moment, everything was all spiffy with the world. Maybe my internal endorphin maker had a hiccup and too much poured into the blood stream at once.

What it does remind me of, is how generally rare those moments are. I usually have something I'm sort of cheesed off about or that's bothering me at any particular point in time. It dosen't come along very often that I have a moment where everything is serene and pleasant. God knows I've always been sorta disapointed that the pharmaceuticals I have access to have never produced euphoria. All the opiates do if I take enough of them is make me want to vomit everywhere. That always seemed to be profoundly unfair somehow. Ecspecially when I have others telling me of their experiences with codeine or vicodin or percocet. Feh.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go back to bed and see if I can recapture a little moment of contentment.
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