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Chicago/Gencon 2007 Recap: Part IV

You know, it just dosen't seem fair somehow. I just noticed that gazpacho managed to finish off his gencon recap in like a day and it was short and sweet. Meanwhile, I seem to be afflicted with this need to incorporate hundreds of pictures and document the event like I think future historians will be writing doctoral thesises about it. The sad thing is that I'm not sure I could change even if I wanted to. The only thing that I find more onerous than actually doing these recaps it the idea that I do them but not include pictures or be generally half-assed about it. It's like I fear one day I'll get alzheimer's and need the reminder cues.

Anyway, it's 4 days down and three left to go in the chicago series. It'll probably take an act of God, but I'll get through it eventually. I know that last year after gencon I made an entry about picking up a video camera and just video blogging this crap. The idea being that would save a buncha time. I wouldn't have to narrate if the video spoke for itself, right?

Feh, who am I kidding. Chances are it'd just add to the length of this mess.

It's become a tradition of sorts that during the trip to Chicago before Gencon, we all end up going to the Bristol Renn Faire. This year was the 3rd incarnation of the voyage and the first where I managed to resist the urge to buy something stupid. In previous years, I've been known to reach the heights of idiocy and spend ~$50 on a HP wand or even more on a two-headed wooden flail. No matter what piece of crap I pick up from the Renn Faire, it just ends up sitting in the closet somewhere, lost and forgotten.

On the day of the trip, I had gotten up early and there was still a good chunk of time before Jas and I had to meet up with everyone at Melissa's place. Her friend Mark had a bigass SUV so he would be driving the whole lot of us up to Bristol. While Jas was putting on her renn faire costume, I saw an odd little package and decided to take a picture.

She had gotten it for Josh at some point and it made me all nostalgic for those 'pills' you used to get out of gumball vending machines. When you chucked them into water the covering would dissolve and the sponge dinosaur or whatever would expand.

I don't think I've mentioned it previously, but Jas and Josh have two cats and two dogs. I'm not a cat person by any means and I seemed to have an unspoken detente with them. The cats didn't bother me and I didn't bother them. The dogs were of the small, yippy sort and I got along with them better for all that they kept seeming to forget they had gotten to know me.

For some reason that morning, Sushi was sitting around with one of the most depressed looking expressions I've ever seen. She looks like she's trying out for a part in a doggie production of Oliver. "Please sir, can I have some more?" I thought the picture would have made for a great lolcat. I no haz cheezeburger.

After Jas got into her wench outfit, I purchased the tickets online and we set off for Melissa's place. We sat around for a bit waiting for Richard to show up. He had to leave early so he would be driving himself up but we decided to set off together in case there were any navigation issues.

Here's Jas giving me her saucy wench pose.

When mock26 arrived, he brought with him something that I had ordered online a couple days before coming to chicago. I wasn't sure it would get to me in jersey in time so I had it mailed to him instead. Since Tracy Hickman had thought it would be a great idea to bring the cutout back, I decided to get a banner made for it. Those of you reading the LJ at the time probably remmeber a few entries where I was scrambling about trying to find some place that would do the job without costing me an arm and a leg.

And that's what the banner said. Short and sweet. Cheap to boot considering some of the alternatives I ran across. I had been planning to have the whole thing hung above the cutout but that's not exactly the way it worked out. You'll get to see the banner in action when I get to that point in the recap.

I'm not quite sure why but I saw this bug on the windshield of my car as I was going to move it and decided to take a picture. It dosen't look nearly as odd in the picture as I remember it being.

(To be continued: I need to resize and upload more photos)
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