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Avast! Thar she blows!

The great icon hunt continues.

Ever since buying a perm LJ account, I've gotten more userpics allotted to me. I think it's something like 130+. Since then, I've been adding new icons whenever I stumble over something interesting or making my own when I find a spiffy picture. Since all I can really do is crop and resize, my efforts haven't been anything spectacular. mock26 had suggested making a userpic out of little george riding the jackalope and it was something I had been planning to do anyway. I also have a new 'no hippies' icon and one from a 'twisty' sign I found online.

I still feel like I'm missing a few things though. My userpics often to adequitely express in image form what I'm rambling about in the entry. The problem is that I never remember to jot down what I'm missing and then when I try to come up with a list, like now, I can't think of a damn thing.

  • A 'happy' one: Yeah, I know it won't get all that much use but I should still have something. I've got a few neutral ones but it might be nice to actually have something positive.

  • More insulting ones: Never can have too many of these. Always comes in handy when you're in a slapfight with someone in a community.

  • Review/Analysis: It might be spiffy if I could find something that fit for when I do movie or book reviews or whatever.

  • Anti-Frog: Always nice to have. Not that I've gone on many frenchie-bashing tirades lately but you never know.

  • Con icons: I wonder if it's worthwhile to try to snag an icon for each seperate con. Seem sorta overkill but I've got over a hundred slots to fill.

  • Fantasy art: I'd like to get something that won't look like crap upon miniaturization.

  • Pr0n Icon?: Hmmm...I wonder if I should just haul out that peniscorn I made for jeanie3.

  • LJ related: Oh, and an icon for these sorta LJ entries might be spiffy.
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