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The two-edged sword

Well, I had to end up tossing the nightmare before christmas icon set, at least for the time being. It's for a good cause and I'm testing out something new. The only disapointing part is that it took me so much effort to initially put the thing up. It's hard not to feel sort of disgruntled at the wasted effort.

In other news, I spent some time at the Bills yesterday with everyone else except Randy. We didn't do a hell of a lot. Played a board game or two and then ran around spanking one another in Monkey Wars. It's going to be hard not to view carrots and pineapples as deadly weapons for a while. After that we went out to Bertucci's for dinner. You know how the wait staff usually gathers about and sings when it's some customer's birthday? Often much to the chagrin of whoever's birthday it actually is. Well, at Bertucci's, they had one waiter who obviously thought he was on American Idol or some such. He was belting out Happy Birthday with all sorts of embellishments like it was a gospel piece. It was so over the top that at one point I shouted out 'Sing it, brotha! Sing it!' in what I'd like to believe was somewhat James Brownesque and clapped my hands. This did nothing to endear me to the people dining with me at the time. Either there were a heck of a lot of birthdays that night or people were faking them because they wanted him to sing it again. All in all, the guy did three renditions of happy birthday while we were there. I managed to contain myself during the followups.

Lastly, I'm sad to report that a good chunk of the Chicago picture recap got eaten by monsters. I'd been chipping away at it without actually posting the entries and there must've been a power interuption of some sort this morning or last night. When I got up, my computer was off and everything in the windows had been flushed. Feh. I'll try to get around to recreating it all at some point.
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