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I knew there was something I was forgetting

I picked up an Action Replay Max for the DS from amazon and tried to give it a whirl. The Action Replay is basically a code/cheat disk, much like gameshark from back in the day. It lets you input things to get infinite lives and the like without having to go through the whole up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start. I've never minded a good slog and grind when playing games in the past, but I find that I have less and less patience for it nowadays. Besides, there are some games that I'm just so incredibly inept at or are so unbelievable difficult, or the completionist in me just wants finish but I can't justify the time and effort.

So anyway, one of the main reasons I picked up the system was for Chocobo Tales. You collect cards in the game through a varied number of minigames and there's a card battling mechanic that's like a simplified CCG. Most of the minigames are at least interesting if not fun, but a couple are just insanely difficult. I wanted to pick up all the cards without having win the various games. One of the blasted ones is completely random. They give you multiple holes and you have to pick which one the knife should go into. Guess wrong and lose a knife. Guess right and get a bonus knife. Dosen't seem that bad until you realize that the odds of actually hitting gold level on the game is something on the order of less than a percent of success.

I pulled the Action Replay out of its case tonight and plugged it in with the anticipation of finally having a full set of chocobo cards only to find out that the game isn't supported. There are no frakking codes. Not in the system itself and not online to download. Feh. For some reason, it just never occurred to me to check to make sure that the game was even covered before buying the damn thing.

Oh well. There are still other uses I can put it toward, but it's still a major disapointment.
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