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Bread Knife of Doom +2 / +4 vs French Loaves

So I ended up spending around 23 hours in the lab today and pretty much finished the paper. I think I was up so long that I can't actually sleep now. It's as if I broke the system somehow and no longer feel as tired as I should be. I managed to nap for a few hours but now I'm up again and bleh.

On a positive note, a few things I picked up from arrived today. As I'm sure some of you noticed in pictues whatnot I've been sort of scraggy and scruffy lately with spotty facial hair. I managed to lose my electric razor a while back and instead of actually shaving with a normal razor (something I've never done before) I decided to just ignore it and alternatively attack the hair with a pair of sissors. I guess it's a saving grace that those asian genes basically make it so that what most people acquire in facial hair growth in a day takes me a week. So anyway, a while back I purchased a replacement razor, a Braun, so no more sissors.

I also got a breadknife that I had purchased on the spur of the moment. I'm not sure if this is somehow federally mandated or something but the razor took up maybe a 7" x 3" box, the bread knife was maybe a foot long, and together they came in a box 2 and a half feet long, a foot wide, and almost a foot high. Close to 90% of it was empty space stuffed with brown paper. It made me wonder if it was something about shipping knives that you have to bury them in so much empty space so that, I dunno, some mail carrier dosen't trip, fall on the package, and somehow manage to stab out their pancreas. It seemed like a waste of space and shipping costs to me.

Actually, I can't throw stones against amazon...I'm not even sure what I'm going to do with a bread knife. I buy pre-sliced bread. I just remember thinking at the time it would be nice to have a breadknife and before I knew it it was in the shopping cart. I make these ridiculous sort of purchases all the time without much thought or reflection. For instance, today I made a purchase for 4 pounds of gummi candies off a website. It started when I was looking over a giant 3oz gummi rat I had received for christmas and wondering where the person who got it had purchased it. I ended up buying 2 pounds of gummi cola bottles, a pound of gummi octopus and a pound of gummi brains. In addition to that, I also picked up a carton of candy cigarettes! I thought the liberal PC police had banned them forever and when I saw them on the site I had to pick up some just to thumb my nose at the PC nazis. I'm going to make sure when I get the package to hand out at least a few packs to any kids I might see around.

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